Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is GriMagia?
A: In the simplest terms, it’s a card game featuring monster girls! It borrows some elements that are found in many TCGs and RPGs, throws in some unique mechanics, and mixes them together in a simple and fun game that anyone can pick up!

Q: How does it play?
A: In this game, your role is to capture your opponent’s monsters with the mystic power of Grimoires - magical books with immense powers of confinement. There are 2 main ways to win in GriMagia - either capture 3 of your opponents’ monsters, or reduce every opponent’s HP to 0. Follow us right here on tumblr to receive updates about the game’s mechanics, art, inspirations, lore, and other fascinating tidbits.

Q: How many people can play GriMagia at once?
A: The recommended number of players is 2-6 people. You could theoretically play a game with more people than that, but it would probably take a while (once, we playtested a game with 10 people - it took over an hour and was intense!).

Q: How long does the average game last?
A: A game of GriMagia usually lasts anywhere from 15 - 60 minutes, depending on how many people are playing, the playstyle of each player, and which cards each person draws into.

Q: What will GriMagia be rated?
A: The suggested age group for this game is 16+ due to it featuring risqué outfits and some minor violence/blood.

Q: How can I buy GriMagia / How much will GriMagia cost?
A: Currently the only way to buy GriMagia is by funding us through our Indiegogo campaign, which will end August 20th. The entire game only costs $20 — no paying for booster packs necessary.

Q: Why Indiegogo?
A: Being a small company, we don’t have the funds to mass produce and ship a card game worldwide at high quality. In addition, we’d like to be able to create expansions for this game in the future. Through crowdfunding, our fans will be able to help us achieve that! We considered Kickstarter as our crowdfunding platform, but we think our game might be too risqué for that and we don’t want to risk suspension! To those who are skeptic about Indiegogo’s Flexibe Funding option (even if the goal isn’t met, money is collected): we don’t believe in that model, and instead will be using Fixed Funding (all or nothing). Just because we are using Indiegogo doesn’t mean we are afraid of meeting our goals.