Looking at the Future

Hello everyone!

We recently had our panel/workshop at Anime LA, where we had decent attendance and announced our new project. A GriMagia expansion called “Revelation of the Ennead” is underway and we had a few concepts for our future monsters. We also plan on expanding each kind of monster girl, so you might be seeing more of the same species of monster girls. Yes, that means possibly more than one Lamia girl, with a completely different stat, color and personality!

Our international shipments will ship soon and we’re aware of how slow this process has been. We apologize again as we’re underway to send these products out to our customers. With later installments like our expansions or future projects from Melonseed Games, there will be a quicker turnaround and shipment time since we now know how to approach this kind of production.

Thank you for your constant support and we look forward to the future along side our fans.


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Thanks for coming to ALA! I’m having a blast with the game and I look forward to the next expansion!