GriMagia at Anime California and Sabakon

What a hot summer this is. But one thing that summer brings is anime conventions. Why mention anime cons? Because GriMagia will be at Anime California and Sabakon in Las Vegas!

From August 28 to 30, we’ll be at Anime California in the game room! And as we promised, we will be celebrating our release of the game at the con by allowing backers to pick up their copy of the game, meet fellow players and play with them! We will even have a very limited quantity for sale at the con! So if you’ve been interested but never got to back the game on Indiegogo, here’s your chance to pick one up.

Then in September, we’ll be attending Sabakon! For now, we don’t have a solid date for our attendance, but we will be there so please continue to support us!

With less than a month to the release week and Anime California, excitement is igniting this summer breeze into a blaze! Or maybe my room needs air conditioning…^^;;


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