Release Window!

Hey GriMeisters! It’s July and we have a hugely anticipated update. Yes, the release window for the game. In the weeks to come, we’ll get more specific about the actual date so please keep up with the updates on our website as well as our social media sites for information.

The game is nearing completion. What does that mean? The cards are finished trimming. Yay! Now, the packaging is getting made and the cards are getting put into the boxes. It is quite literally the final stretch. However, there is quite a lot of cards and boxes that need to be packaged so please be patient as the release nears.

So when is the game shipping out? The last week of August is our projected release window! Very very soon, you’ll be able to play GriMagia! In fact, in order to celebrate the release of the game, we’re planning a local meet-up event on the week of release where GriMeisters can meet each other and pick up their copy of the game, so there’s no need to wait for it to arrive.

For our backers, please keep reading. The tier rewards such as playmats, posters and such will NOT be ready by the release of the game. Right now, all of our resources are focused to getting the game out so the rewards will be handled at a later date.

Thank you all for understanding and continuing to support us!!

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